“I thought the motion practice was good on both sides in this case. The briefs filed were excellent. I want to congratulate the plaintiffs for being tenacious. They were absolutely tenacious in their briefing. And I was very impressed that you were able to do as much as you could given the resources that you have on such a tight turnaround. Sometimes the frame was exceedingly tight, but the work-product did not suffer appreciably in any sense and the Court is mindful of that. And you had excellent opposition because the defense was very well represented [by Winston & Strawn] and certainly was something you had to contend with. And I think you did so well. . . . You don’t just luck into a settlement in an area like this. You do need to have proper attorneys who are versed in the law and procedures involved in putting a case like this together. I think what you said in declarations more than demonstrates that this case, on the plaintiffs’ side, has been litigated by lawyers of the highest and best caliber in this area. So I just want to note that for the record.”

Lawrence Appel, Judge, Alameda County Superior Court

 “Highly Professional”

Ronald Bauer, Judge, Orange County Superior Court


“I highly recommend Harry Shulman. There are many lawyers who do a ‘good’ job and then there are those who do exceptional work. I am in a unique position to know: In addition to being Harry’s client, I’ve also been a lawyer myself for over 35 years; I have years of experience in the courtroom in addition to serving as chief legal officer of two companies. I’ve seen the worst and the best. Harry is one of the best.

I had a case which was important to me, although it probably wouldn’t have been important to many other people. I was the victim of misrepresentation as a consumer. And I was sure I wasn’t alone; I was confident that there were many others who were also victimized by the same company using the same tactics. It was a case which required a very skillful “touch” because it was complicated legally. In fact, I wasn’t sure I could find an attorney who would not only accept the case but one who had the expertise and would agree to put in the work required to win it. Then someone referred to me Harry.

In a remarkably short period of time Harry had the case headed in the right direction. But more than that, because of his skillful and intelligent analysis of the law pertinent to my case, he was able to construct arguments which put the other side on the defensive. Frankly, I was surprised. Due to my own experience, I was certain that we were in for a tough fight — and one where it wasn’t entirely clear we would win.

Harry spoke to me often and got my input on all important decisions. He made me feel as if we were “in this together,” not that I was “just another client.” He was always honest and direct with me. He laid out the problems with the case and explained how he planned to overcome them.

Further, through my numerous discussions with Harry, I became convinced that here was a lawyer who really cared about those he represented. He’s not in it “only for the money.” He not only cares about his clients, but also about the principles for which they fight. His legal practice gives him a great amount of personal satisfaction because he believes in what he does. In my experience this attitude always provides clients with an unexpected advantage. I recommend Harry Shulman without reservation.”

John Cosier

“Harry Shulman and the Mills Law Firm are “OUTSTANDING”! Their entire office works diligently to obtain the most favorable results for their clients. They kept me informed as to the status of my case and they were there to answer any questions or concerns I had.

I would certainly recommend Harry Shulman to anyone who is need of a knowledgeable, experienced attorney who is willing to go the extra mile for his clients!”

~ Bridgette Peyton


“Harry Shulman is one of the best and brightest attorneys I have worked with during my 16 years of practice. He leverages his top tier intellect, vast experience and creativity toward obtaining excellent results for his clients. Perhaps even more important is Harry’s unquestioned commitment to his clients and his tireless work on their behalf. As a colleague, I greatly value all of the above as they manifest in his superlative contributions to the matters we have co-prosecuted. Harry is a leading light in Consumer class actions.”

~ Douglas Millen, Freed Kanner London & Millen

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Harry is among the very best—unlike many others, Harry knows the law, makes the right arguments, and does the work necessary to obtain great results for his clients and the classes they represent. His credentials and perspective are uncommon too. He’s an Ivy Leaguer who was a partner in a big commercial firm before switching to the Plaintiff’s side to stand up for the little guy.”

~ Ray Gallo, Gallo & Associates

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