Did a business treat you unfairly?

Sometimes unfairness is caused when a company cuts corners, or consciously decides that its profits are more important than its impact on consumers. Students are consumers too, and sometimes this happens when a for-profit school is more interested in filling seats than equipping its students with valuable job skills.  Our job is to get compensation for you when that kind of unfairness occurs. Every day, businesses and schools – even well known, respected ones – are chipping away at consumer rights.

Don’t be a victim. Stand up for your rights or they will be gone!

Harry Shulman has handled many cases on behalf of consumers who were wronged, whether individually or as part of a class. Some cases, such as trade school fraud, related student loan problems, and abusive debt collection, may be appropriate to pursue as individual actions. In an individual action, you are the only person making a claim. Generally, we pursue these for you by suing the business that has wronged you.  Many of these actions must now be pursued in arbitration instead of court.  In our judgment, it is preferable for consumers to be in court, and if possible, we will fight to keep your case in court rather than in an arbitration.

Many consumer cases are more appropriate to pursue as class actions, if there is not an arbitration provision which prohibits this. Class actions were designed for people who were harmed by similar mistreatment by a comparatively powerful company. Courts have recognized that, without class actions, companies “might get away with piecemeal highway robbery by committing many small violations that were not worth the time and effort of individual plaintiffs to redress or were beyond their ability or resources to remedy.” You can play a role in preventing that kind of highway robbery!

Here’s how we can help.

We help consumers out with the following types of complaints:

Our goal is to empower consumers.

There are resources on this website that will enable you to investigate your rights for yourself. If you think you have a claim, we will evaluate it with you at no cost to you. We want you to stand up for yourself – and for others – if you have been wronged. Businesses know that even if consumers realize they have been cheated, they may not know they have legally enforceable rights. Even those who know they have rights seldom take action. Businesses and for-profit schools take advantage of this ignorance and apathy. Be an informed consumer, and help us in the fight to keep business honest for everyone.

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