School Fraud

For-profit colleges like trade schools have become a big business in the United States. With the job market more competitive than ever and people needing more specialized skills, these institutions were supposed to step up to provide the skills tomorrow’s workers need.

Offering education and training to hardworking students is one thing; using fraudulent practices to steal people’s hard-earned money is another thing. At Shulman Law, we don’t stand for school fraud and other actions that take advantage of Californians. Our San Francisco-based firm represents trade school and other for-profit college students like you who are misled and outright lied to as these businesses do whatever it takes to get your tuition dollars. With more than a quarter century of experience in civil litigation and consumer protection, our attorney, Harry Shulman, is dedicated to taking on these schools and helping you get justice.

We know: Paying for any program can be expensive, and the burden of student debt can quickly become overwhelming. If your school failed on its promise to deliver a quality education and solid job prospects, legal action may be the only way to get the financial relief you need. Our firm is ready to fight for your financial future.

We Fight False Promises And Other College Fraud In The Golden State

You might think that it’s impossible to hold schools accountable when their smoke and mirrors are exposed and you enter the job market with few or no job prospects. You’d be wrong.

As for-profit businesses, these schools must follow the same consumer protection laws as all other businesses. This means that when they engage in fraud, deceptive advertising or other unfair practices, it is possible to use the legal system to make things right.

Our firm has a track record of success taking on these institutions in arbitration proceedings, direct negotiations and even at trial. Because most of our clients have invested their hard-earned money, taken out expensive student loans, or both in order to finance their education, we know how important it is for them to find financial relief. When we take on a case, we have just one goal: to win.

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