Products that Don’t Work as Promised

When manufacturers make promises about the performance of their products, you are entitled to hold them to those promises. Did the manufacturer say the product would last a certain amount of time, but it didn’t? Did the product do all of the things the manufacturer said it would? If the product was made for a particular purpose, did it work for that purpose? If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, you may have a claim against the manufacturer. You paid good money for the product; you are entitled to get what the seller said you would get. If you didn’t, you may have a claim.

Product-based claims are not limited to defective products. If the seller deceived you in the sales process, you may have a claim even if you got exactly what you expected. For example, if you bought a product online, did the seller accurately disclose the quantity, price and shipping charges you would pay? Did it honor its return policies? If you were charged restocking fees, were these disclosed in advance? Again, if the answer to any of these questions is no, you may have a claim.

Product manufacturers are in a much better position to know the qualities and characteristics of their products than you are. They control the sales process; you don’t. If you were misled, take action! There is no reason for you to settle for less than you were promised.

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