Who’s selling who in the trade school world?

Trade schools will make a big deal about why they are right for you.  The truth is, it’s you that is right for them.  Once a school has a building and some teachers, its profit depends completely on the number of students it enrolls.  The more students, the more profit.  That’s why admission people will sell you hard.  Think about it:  their job isn’t to act in your best interest.  It’s to act in the school’s best interest.  After all, who pays them?

A federal agency (the Government Accountability Office) recently sent students undercover to investigate trade school recruiting practices.  The undercover students went to 15 trade schools.  All 15 made some type of deceptive or questionable statements to the students!  In addition, four of the 15 actually encouraged the students to commit fraud.  So, don’t think that because we’re talking about education, the schools are good guys.  Education is good, but lots of for-profit trade schools aren’t.  (For a link to the GAO report, click this link: http://www.gao.gov/products/GAO-10-948T) .

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