What Happens When The School Promises Placement Services, And Doesn’t Deliver Them?

Lots of people enroll in for-profit schools because the school promises them “lifetime placement assistance.”  School salesmen and saleswomen say that the school provides placement assistance, and that its placement department is available to help graduates whenever they need it – even 10 years after they graduate.  People who graduate find that it’s not true.  The placement department is overworked and understaffed, and lacks connections with employers that might benefit graduates.  The “placement assistance” the department provides often is no more than putting together job postings that were publicly posted on public sites like Monster.com.   In other words, the school isn’t providing anything the student couldn’t find on his or her own.  It provides few if any new job leads. Does this breach the school’s promise of placement assistance? Of course it does.  To ask the question is to answer it.  But the problem is, it can be difficult to prove.  The school will say that it provided what it said it would – a placement department that provides job assistance, even if the assistance is useless.  The school will say it didn’t promise actual placements, or any particular level of assistance, and that it gave the student leads which the student didn’t follow up with.  In other words, they will blame the victim, and claim that the problem is with the student, not with the school. One of these days, someone is going to bring a case based on a school’s failure to provide real placement assistance – and win it.  Will you be the person who brings that claim?  I would say review your school catalog and see what it says about placement assistance.  Does it say anything more than that the school will provide basic placement assistance?  Does it speak to the qualifications of the placement office, or its connections with local employers?  Does it say anything about the kind of efforts the placement office will make on your behalf?  If so, there may be something to work with, and you may be their right person to bring this important claim!


  1. my school triangle tech does not provide placement with a job possible for me to do. another problem is when i ask for help with job assistance they go onto monster or job sites similar to that but refuse to give me any info about the job. my medical issues are not treated as relevant to the job search. also the pay rate and benefits are not of concern while the school searches for a job for you to start a career. while going to school i reported a teacher for sleeping in our class instead of teaching. i complained several times with another student but nothing was done. once we took video of him sleeping they finally fired to teacher but my class lost at least 2 months of real education. after the teacher was fired the other 2 instructors had to pick up the students now without a teacher making the one on one time spent with an instructor limited to less than half of what was promised.

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