Thirteen states looking into recruiting violations at large for-profit school chains

Thirteen states have requested information from some of the nation’s largest for profit school companies.  These include:  EDMC (which owns Argosy, Art Institutes and Brown Mackey); ITT Educational Services (which owns ITT schools and Daniel Webster College); and Corinthian Colleges (which owns Everest, WyoTech and Heald).  The states are seeking broad categories of information from these companies, covering student lending, advertising and recruiting, graduate certification and licensing, and graduation and job placement rates.  Hmm, that’s just about everything that would affect one of their students:  they spend money to get people in the door, they arrange loans for them, and they claim job placements for their graduates.  And the states are looking into ALL of this??

Be careful if you apply to one of these schools.  Find out not only what the job placement rates are, but what period of time they cover.  Find out how many students actually complete their programs.  Did you know you are responsible for repaying student loans even if you don’t finish your program?  How will you do that if you don’t have a job in the field?

Maybe ask yourself a question:  do thirteen states know something you don’t?


  1. Stephanie

    Duped! Put the dunce cap on me. Very cunning and believable sales pitch (because, I am much more aware of these now, I realize this is EXACTLY what it was.) No recourse for past students who were taken advantage of. We’re left drowning in debt! Our only hope now is to hope it takes collectors a substantial amount of time before learning of our current employer and warning prospective students of these HORRIBLE “school” about the scams!

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