UEI College’s Low Placement Rates

We are hearing some bad things about UEI College, a for-profit school with many campuses in California.  For one thing, UEI’s accreditor has expressed concerns about UEI’s low placement rates.   The accreditor has gone as far as to question whether or not UEI is fulfilling its vocational training mission!  If these things are true, then students who enrolled at UEI in the last couple of years may have been deceived about UEI’s true placement rates and outcomes.

Why do we say this?  We believe that students who are actually shown low placement rates have second thoughts about enrolling.  While most of us think that the statistics apply to someone else – certainly we aren’t going to be the ones who drop out, don’t complete the course, can’t keep up, etc. – this belief is tested when we are shown low placement rates.  Would you take on thousands of dollars in loans if you knew that less than 50% of the people who enrolled actually completed the program, and the rest ended up with a big debt and no job to repay it?  Probably not.  What about if 90% finished?  Probably so.  Placement rates are important, and presenting them accurately is an important obligation that every school has.

If you went to UEI, we would be interested in hearing from you as to:  1) whether you were shown placement rates; 2) if so, what they were; and 3) how these affected your decision to enroll.  Please contact us and let us know!


  1. Jessica Mcconnaughy

    My name is Jessica Mcconnaughy. My last day at UEI College is march 28th 2013. I was to be staring a job as a computer tech and was to receive a phone call to say when to be at the job site today (march 25th) and I keep being told i am hired and I will receive a phone call but I feel I am not receiving the proper help to find a job and feel that the communication between me and the school and the employer I was supposed to be hired for is not correctly handling the situation. My contact info is 818-967-7798 or july_02_06@yahoo.com

    • Deba minchew

      I went uei and graduated but my externship placement was a lie and a cheat and I didn’t receive any of the tools or hands on that I was suppose to and on top of it they wanted me apply for a job working on a assembly line for directtv make less then what I get plus not what I was trained for very up set cost me alot of money plus I’m a single parent

  2. Rio Delizo


    I went to UEI in 2011 in their Dental Assistig Program. I had to find my own intern placement and my own job. I was given fake certificates and I was under the impression when I signed up I would just complete the classes and get legitimate certificates that would be dental board approved towards my RDA. I have completed the RDA practical and written exams and passed however some of the certificates that i earned in the courses did not pass the dental board because they are not “dental board” certified. Now I’m stuck with a high loan and still working as a dental assistant whereas I could have been a registered dental assistant last year. When I approach the school they just keep telling me that it will be another few months before they will get accredited.

    Thank You

    • Celia St Germain

      I went to UEI San Marcos back into 2010. I was enrolled in the Dental program. I completed the program and graduated in June 2011. I had prior the job training experience prior to attending, but I needed the Certifications. I was informed that it was a board accredited and recognizedon’t school Nationwide and that upon completion of the program and graduation I would be given my certications that I could use to obtain a job in a dental office. I was fortunate I got hired at my extern site, so I was able to obtain a job. However I six months later was called back to retake the x-ray course and among other courses at a different school they contracted. I yet have not recieved my certifications that they were suppose to get to me. I recently moved out of state and found a job but when I went to look up my x rays license as well as recorded on the school for my employer the school is not recognized or accredited as they had stated they were. I am still paying on a loan that I owe over 8,000 on still, and now have to enroll in another school to get proper certifications or pay the state and challenge them or Danbu for National to avoided extra loans. Regardless it’s going to cost me more money either way and I’m still paying on this loan that I got nothing out of. Please contact me and see if you can help with at least getting rid of this loan.

  3. krystenn m

    I attended uei in 2009-2010 and I graduated I was told so many lies and rates and now owe over 14000 in student loans. I have yet to fond a job in the ekg technical field. I did not pass the license examthe first time due to the schools poor test set up dates and the very unprofessional testing edicts instructors were helping some students with the answers and the all around noise levels contribute to that. I paid to retake the exam and never was given a date
    I was also told that I would be set up for job interviews and this never happened I was led to believe they were a great school and they were not. I was given a certificate of completion and my transcripts which no one accepts. This has been a very big burden on me as I have a daughter with cerebral palsy and I cannot find work to make us a better life. If my story can help at least one person to carefully look at all there options and to not get lured into this crud then n my heart word feel better. If I could turn back time I would have looked more into the too good to be true side of the placement rates

  4. Angie Gonzalez

    I went to UEI in 2011 and completed the dental assistant program. First of all, I had to lear everything on my own because the teacher I had would talk about her life and the different boyfriends she had. She would talk about sex in almost every class. I had to go home and study the lecture that she was suppose to give. We had to get certificates for lectures that we passed like xray certificate, coronal polish certificate, etc. and they would never give it to us on time. I never received half of my certificates. They never helped me find a job or an extern site, I had to go out myself and look for them. When I was done with all my externship hours, someone from UEI told me that I would not receive my diploma of completion because I did not turn in my books when clearly I had been told that I would keep them when i was applying for that school. Now I am working retail and have a loan of 10,000 dollars that I will have to pay for life. Would you please help me in getting my money back and not owing them anything? My contact info is (619) 259-9510

    Thank You in advance,


  5. nanette Blanco

    I went to UEI sometime in 2010. I sued in small claims and won some money. I think 1,400-1,600.00 They wrongfully made a false claim about me and dismissed me from the program. I was also sexually harassed by an immature 18 year old.( Innuendos). I was 40 years old at the time with a teaching credential completed.

  6. Zinhay

    Hello everyone
    i went to UEI in 2011-2012 and they told me the exact thing as theu did to all of you. I expected to be graduated with a certificate that till now they havent gave me. I asked the school for that certificate and they told me is not ready yet you will be getting it by mail. So far its been 2 years and no certificate. They were supposed to get me a job as a medical biller and my representative got me a job completely different from what i was supposed to be at. Since i was in need of a job i took the offer as a medical interpreter. Months later my school representative called me and she wanted me to lie to the school saying that i was working as a medical biller and that i had my own company, she even offered to make me some bussines cards so that she could have me on the system as completely out of school with a job and get her credit. My supervisor at the job she got me, was also told by this lady my rep. To lie to my school saying i was working as a medical biller and my supervisor got very mad at her and we never heard from her again. The sadest part is that im still working as an interpreter and paying my loan without even working as what i went to school for. Plus no certifcate yet.. UEI is very good convencing people but at the end they are just a bunch of liars. Be careful with thia type of schools. Theres a lot of public adult schools that are offering programs like medical billing for only a few hundreads and not thousands.


    I have attended UEI College in 2009 and can’t seem to get out of the high bill. They lied to me and said my credits were transferable to a college. I had UEI print them out and took them to SAN BERNARDINO VALLEY COLLEGE. The laugh and said we can’t take this I’m sorry. I was told I could pick my ex tern and researched around and found a couple. Instead UEI did not choose those places in place me in san bernardino where I said I didn’t want to be placed. My boss was horrible. Nice guy but, always left me alone. I felt unsafe. When I was working as an extern there my boss said they weren’t hiring because they going through things. A year later they were shut down. I to this day can’t find a job and are trying to clean this big mess up. I can’t believe it cost 9000 dollars to be unhappy.


  8. Justine G.

    Hello, My name is Justine. I attended UEI in 2009. I was in the medical assistant program. I never received my diploma. They never helped me find a job. I till this day have not been able to repay my student loan. This school will lie to you. Paint you a pretty picture and when its all done. . They do nothing for you. I will not recommended any vocational school. Keep in mind more than half of my medical assistant class did not get a job in the field. That says alot. The career service people dont care. Watch out. Pay attention to what your getting your self into. 5 year’s later uei still cant help me!!!

  9. mickey

    I attended uei college in San Diego California off Kearny villa rd.. I never received any certificates of anything from them.. I did the MA program in 2010 and still haven’t received anything but bills from my school loans.. uei is a scam and they didn’t help me with anything. I regret going there and now I’m stuck with school loans in the thousands that I cannot pay back.. As I try to contact the school, I cannot do that now that they have closed down.. The biggest fraud ever

  10. zayra

    I was about to start pharmacy tec. at the end of this month but now that I see all the bad comments about this school I probably won’t .
    I was having second thoughts that’s why I started to do a little research about the school the only thing that is bothering me is I actually kinda enrrolled school I just haven’t talk to the student finance associate but they have all my info “/

    • Tina B

      Im in the same situation. Did you end up withdrawing the enrollment? And did they penalize you or anything?

  11. Tierra Wallace

    I attended uei from 2007-2008 and I regret ever attending this ripoff school. When I first signed up my counselor glamorized every aspect of the school, for example high job placement, the job center helping you get jobs, “qualified instructors”. All I got out of going to this school was 13, 000 in debt they never gave me my diploma because I couldn’t afford to pay them. It has been over 5 years STILL NO JOB. The guy at the job center NEVER gave me any job leads, so they just make false promises on helping you find work.My internship was a waste they just used me to file papers I got no experience then they said they weren’t hiring and let me go. The worse thing about this is I now attend community college and I am disqualified from receiving financial aid because of my default for uei loans.Save your money and time don’t attend this school!

  12. Delane Smith

    I attended UEI in 2008-09 for massage therapy. I was promised the school could place me in a NICU unit at a hospital after I completed the course. After 6 months and tons of debt, one of the instructors laughed and said, “You better lower your standards. Think about taking a massage chair to the beach and charge people to do those 15 minute massages. You’ll make a lot of money that way!” Their “job placement” was printing listings off of Monster.com and Craigslist, putting them in a 3-ring binder. “You are free to browse the notebook at any time. It’s one of the many student benefits.” I had a 4.0 GPA. I aced the tests. Another girl that never passed a test also had a 4.0 gpa (Probably because she attended the instructor’s private “Animal Massage” classes. That instructor ended up leaving because he was going to sue the school for some reason. So, our class got split among the other 2 classes. It is a joke! One instructor lost a friend to drug overdose and she was so traumatized that she couldn’t teach. The last month I attended, we all spent the entire day socializing, nothing more. Maddening! Not one classmate has a job for their field.

    • Danielle Crow

      I went to the san bernardino campus in 2008-2009 for the massage therapy course. I had 3 different teachers in the 9 months I was enrolled there. Totally unprofessional…we Weren’t taught many of the modalities they had listed.

    • Danielle Crow

      Hey Delaine

  13. Renato Haro

    I atrended there facility in 2001 and shown there placement and was high. They did sent me to a externship in which they fail to inform me that the facility was a full aids clinic in which I was not confortable working thre to do my hours and they told me to just finish my hours there and I repeated that I dont feel safe and comfortable there and they basically told me tough luck. Ans at the end they never gave me my MA certificate.

  14. I attended uei gardena on redondo beach blvd i graduated june 2013 i still have not recieved my diploma they will not give me my bls card.I am still unemployed.Noone has really helped me.They lie to you about interviews saying u dont need experience and when you show up to interview they turn you away make a fool of you.I have a huge loan and these people need to be closed down for lies.

  15. Caroline balentine

    I attended UEI as well. I took the computer technician program and was shown a paper with a 100% job guarantee at the end of my training. I chose that specific program because it was the only one on the list with a 100% guarantee. This was located in van nuys, California. It has sense moved locations. What a mistake. Not only did I not get a job, my teacher himself admitted half way through my course that this so called”school” was a joke. I wish I had never gone. They forged people’s grades. The classes were a joke. They showed you basic everyday knowledge that you could simply view on you tube. I have so much date and it continues to grow. I found jobs on my own but have no relations to the training I recieved. Is there some way to get out of this debt? I barely make enough to survive let alone pay this loan off. The workers there were so rude and refused to give me copies of the papers I was shown to get me to sign up. This company is deceiving and has taken advantage of desperate poor people trying to get ahead. They should be sgur down. I also have a friend who went there and he experienced the exact same thing. This is no good for anyone. Never go and pass on the word. It’s a scam and they will never receive a dime from me. I also never recieved my completion certificate. I was told it was coming in the mail and it never came. What a coincidence. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!

    • Harry Shulman

      Caroline, if you would like to discuss this further, give me a call at 415-901-0505.

    • Yaz

      Im stuck with a debt that started off as 2k for enrollment and books (dropped out after 2 months uei) now debt is over 4k with intrest going up 100$+ per month. Misleading and waste of time. AVOID UEI AT ALL COSTS!

  16. Mercedes Thorpe

    The same thing happened to me that has happened to everyone else on this site. I went to the UEI in 2010 for MA in in San Diego on Kearny Villa Rd. My last 4 months I had different teachers each month. And the last month they announced they were closing their campus after the term ended. I never received my diploma and NOW they’re holding my transcripts hostage which will cause me to get kicked out of the school I’m attending now bc my VA will stop paying if I don’t get those to the new school. I never had any help with job placements that whole thing is a huge lie. I regret ever going there it didn’t help me at all in my future and now they’re still destroying any chance I have to move on and find a career. I wish there was a class action lawsuit against them for all the lies and misrepresentation they do with their programs. I’d definitely join in and sue them to pay off ALL the debt I have from that useless and non existent certificate. Ehhhhhh save yourself the time, money and hassle of EVER going to that school.

  17. Jessica Vahn

    Yesterday was my first day and I’m scared I want to get out, my friend said she heard of a week policy of you don’t like it you could get out but what if that isn’t true. The loans man the LOANS… What will happen to that .. If I have to pay I’ll just stick to that damn school but my gaaw..

    • Karen M

      I regret going to UEI. I studied MA in 1
      2008-2009 and tried hard to get a job but they constantly changed their staff helping me and none helped me with what I needed. I ALSO, asked for a second chance in going to their school so I would not forget what I had practice without being charge and they did not accept me and supposedly they do have that option. They have the option in which after graduating you can’t find a job they should let you go back to school so you won’t forget. No body helped me and ’til this day I still owe 5,000. I already had paid about 16,000 including taxes. Not including the car gas, my internship uniforms, my MA tools. Because of this fucked up decision my husband throws in my face by saying, “We could of had more money if you weren’t giving it away.” Now, im afraid of losing my job because I don’t want him to feel with the obligation of paying my loan. Or worst to leave me and feel he just wasted his time and money… 🙁

  18. J.

    I also attended UEI for Medical Assistant (MA), the staff who was assisting job placement was a constantly changing. Was told “we are looking will have something soon, make sure you attend the job fair.” Only “placement” was an hour drive one way for 2 hours a week on different days to cover for someone while they had appointments…temporary. The various job fairs I attended on UEI campus had “no” health field companies. Companies, State Farm Insurance, Sheriff Dept., Ace Parking. And this was the job fair for Medical Assistants. I have a student loan I really don’t want to pay since the “lifetime” job placement couldn’t even place for one job. Most my class mates are not working as MA’s due to same circumstances. One class mate was told “no issues” regarding a personal event previously in her life but once graduated she was told due to that “personal event” she could not work in health care. UEI knew this but was selling..selling..selling. over 85% hire rate? No, after graduation I found out the hire rate was much lower, not even close. False advertising, false information, false! I would gladly pay student loan if I were in the field with a school that actually worked for you.

  19. Sandy McMullen

    I went to UEI San Marcos in 2011-2012. The school did not place me. I was able to get a job through a Temp Agency doing Order Entry at a Laboratory. The Medical Programs at the school was closed down for three years. I am trying to find documentation. If I can get documentation, my school loan may be forgiven. If anyone can find the documentation, that would be great. Since the school Medical Program closed down before they actually sent my Certification, the Certification is fraudulent.

  20. Joe Luis Rivera

    I told them I had a violent record time and time again before following thru now I’m jobless in debt

  21. Celia St Germain

    I attended UEI San Marcos back in April 2010, and was enrolled in the Dental Assisting program. I completed the program and graduated in June 2011. I had prior on the job training experience prior to attending, but I needed the Certifications which was my main reason for enrolling. I was informed by the school that it was a board accredited and was a nationally wide recognized school, and that upon completion of the program and graduation I would be given my certications that I could use them to obtain a job in a dental office anywhere. I was fortunate I got hired at my extern site, so there was no need for me to look for a job after for i already had one. However six months later was called from the school that I had to go back to retake the x-ray course and among other courses at a different school they contracted because record of my x-ray proofs were either lost or not submitted in a timely manner. I yet have not recieved my certifications that they were suppose to get to me and that was three years ago. I recently moved out of state and found a job, but when I went to look up my x rays license as well as
    record on the school for my employer. I found out that they are not recognized or accredited as they had stated they were. I now have to obtain proper xray certification to keep my job and be able perform required job duties. I am still paying on a loan that I owe over 8,000 on still, and now have to enroll in another school to get proper certifications or pay the state and challenge them or Danbu for National to avoided extra loans. Regardless it’s going to cost me more money either way, and I’m still paying on this loan that I got nothing out of. Please contact me back. I would like to help to get reimbursed for money already paid and not have to pay the remaining balance owed.

  22. gerald stidham

    Attended some kind of goofy interview and was shown the classes..I was confused as to why I did not see any students studying or attending any classes. Did not enroll, but they did represent a 100% job placement with their graduated students.

  23. David Aparicio

    I attended UEI in 2012-2013 I decided to take a dental assistance course, next day I decided to take a computer tech course , the president yelled at me because he had to change paper work me, at 53 years old wanted to do something for myself I was on public assistance and still am sometimes .the computer instructor was excellent but the curriculum was to fast, some of the others were picking it up but they were much younger than me, but I scored pretty good on most of the test’s. but still didn’t learn what I wanted to anyway! yes some of the office staff were either rude and or phonies.we had one printer in our class and it didn’t have ink! The teacher said he ordered it a long time ago . job placement was a joke , they send you to places that usually aren’t highering or they some wanted a certificate from Microsoft which will get u more money but the school doesn’t tell you about that at first! I had just got outta bankruptcy now im in debt again .I keep contact with my former instructor at times, he has been fired from UEI for going to his mother’s funeral services! That’s how much this school cares! He found a much better job at Everest College. Oh buy the way, this school is in EL Monte Ca. My niece also went to this school she now works in Jack in the Box!! What can be done, do I have a case? Thanks for your time for reading this. There was only two people in the class when I started.

  24. May Vue

    Worst School of all times… Everyone there including the Principal herself are bunch of Baloney! From reading everyone’s complaint.. it is accurate. Sad to say! Fell for this school because heard so much good things about it… now that I think about it… It could have been the STAFF making these comments…After graduating in 2011 from the Anaheim campus… received our diplomas, now i think they are completely fake.. Credits are nontransferable even though they tell you YES they are from the beginning… a couple months later after graduating… someone from the school called me stating I need to retake the “Radiology” class again.. I asked Why? No Answer. Also when I asked upon graduating… if I can have my “Coronal Polishing Certificate”, they told me they will MAIL it…Well, it has been 4yrs and NO SIGN OF IT!!!! After working with my office almost 4 yrs now…my boss tells me that I am UNLICENSED and I was SHOCKED! because I NEVER got an Email/Phone from the school itself that I am UNLICENSED. Luckily, I did not get fired on the spot. BUT i am ANGRY at the school for taking students money for no good reason.. I want my MONEY back.. paying for this useless school has put me in debt. I pray that this LAWSUIT will continue to fight and WIN!!

  25. santiago espinoza

    I also attended Uei College and was lead to a false promise!! I remember after high school graduation I spent 2 weeks thinking of my career then next thing you know Uei somehow found my email information and phone number and asked me what I want to work for. I told them I want to be a nurse and they offered me a medical assistant position. I can study for a year and I’d be working in a hospital in no time. I had no idea I’d end up in debt jobless and I still owe over $9700 I paid around $2200 and it just goes back up interest is too high!! I have been trying to study in a community college and it’s hard knowing I still have a debt… I wish I can somehow just get a refund they can have their diploma back I want my money back… It’s been 2012 since I graduated now it’s April 5, 2016 they never helped me at all..

  26. Po

    Hi Shawn
    I am inrollment in Uei college in San marcose .i am in the dental assistant program .i pocked with dirty instrument to my finger .director dental assistant and the instructure write lie on the paper to report .i didn’t have utility gloves in my hand ,they write it I was wearing utility gloves .the director told me :if you are not writing this you are going to trouble .i from another country ,i don’t know English very well and I scared and I write what she told me .my blood test anti body hep c is positive.the instructure doesn’t have good behavior with me .she is broken my personality in front of every student and I want to know what should I to do ?

    Thank you

  27. Santos B

    I wanted to know what ever happened to the lawsuit against UEI College? I went to UEI College in Chula Vista, CA and I want to sue them as well for false advertisement. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You

  28. juan gomez

    I attended this fake college in 2013 and enrolled on the dental assisstant ” program”. I finished a year later and was never able to get hired. Everything they claim was nothing but lies. Am still paying back my student loans. I was never helped because once they have your money you are on your own. Am working on a different field now, but going to this college was a waste of money, time, resources and a bad experience.

  29. Brittany

    I attended UEI back in 2009. They made so many promises its crazy how they are still allowed to be open. This loan is ruining my life and for no reason. I never got any job placement and the places I went to said that I needed to be certified or they dont hire from there. I also never got my diploma which I went down there several times.

  30. Rosalia Valdivia

    I’m scared I just enrolled in Uei? Is it too late to cancel? All I hear is bad things !

    • Brenda Ruiz

      Yup. Too late. They’re involved in a class action lawsuit for many reasons but the biggest reasons being their lie about their high job placement rate, low interest, externship programs hiring you after graduation…they’re ridiculous. Quit while you can! Or you will have false schooling under your belt with a load of debt! Time wasted. Ignorant “teachers”

  31. Nakesha Martin

    I attended UEI Chula Vista dental assistant program from 2011-2012 . I made great grades in class and was promised that I would leave the school with the right skills to land a job in a wonderful office making $15.00/ hr to start. While I did recieve all of my certificates, I was reciently told by someone that my xray certification was most likely fraudulent. When I got my externship, I was told by the dentists as well as office manager that students from UEI do not possess the skills necessary to be a good assistant. The equipment in this office wasn’t up to date, but I wasn’t even trained well enough to use what they had! I definitely wasn’t trained well enough in xrays. I was offered a job there because I showex promise and worked hard. However, I was only offered $8.50/hr and not the $15.00 per hour that I was promised from UEI. Moreover, nothing at school was up to date. Going from an A student to an incompetent assistant during my externship.

  32. Isaura

    Hello my name is isaura …I just started UEI in Huntington park as a medical assistant as before I started school they were rushing me to go i so far attended 2 days only i don’t wanna continue going because I notice they don’t help you out in nothing but for you to loose money and I don’t wanna go to school finish my career and end up without school and without a job and for something that I have to be paying for I just feel like there so full of lies and before this gets a lil more messed up I just stop

  33. Quartice Bryant

    Hi my name is Quartice and I attended UEI in 2010-2011. My campus was in Florida and I attended the Business Office Administration course.My campus closed down shortly after I graduated. I was told all kinds of lies starting with the replacement rate. I now have a $13,000 debt and have yet to fins a job in this field. I didn’t attend the Graduation ceremony; but I thought I would receive my Diploma in the mail…HA! There have been jobs that require my Transcripts/Diploma but I cannot provide it because UEI won’t send it to me. This has to be the absolute worst place ever and I would NEVER recommend anyone to attend this crappy place.

  34. Martha

    I went to UEI in van Nuys California in 2008 for medical assistant. I wan never able to find a job in the field and all the leads we got required 2 3 or 4 years experience nothing for beginners with 1 month interships. Im stuck with a $14000 loan that will be impossible to pay. I am a single parent. It was suppose to make my life easier not harder..

  35. Veronica Hernandez

    I attended UEI in 2011 and I enrolled in the Medical Assistant program was promised the moon and the stars which all lead to false information I later received a letter in the mail that my attending class was part of a civil lawsuit against the school for the school reporting false information for students loan info and also for the whole job placement and then after that the lawsuit they had the nerve to email me about my experience at the school there a real freaken joke! now im stuck with over 15,000 in student loan debt not even working in the medical field at all stuck working two jobs to make ends meet I would never recommend this school to anyone!

  36. Blanca Gonzalez

    I attended UEI in 2008 and enrolled in the Medical Billing and Coding program. That was the biggest mistake of my life. i signed up, signed all of my financial aid papers and they said I was good to go. I started my classes only to find that the classes were way too big for one teacher to handle but I kept going since i was promised a “great” education and a job after graduating.
    A month later I get called in to the Finance department and was told my financial aid was denied so I would have to make in school payments while they find another lender that would help. A month after that I was told that Sallie Mae would finance me and I no longer needed to make in school payments.I had a horrible experience and went through 3 different “instructors” but finally graduated in 2009.
    Now 10 years later, after having paid Sallie Mae over $13,000, I get a call that I am being sent to collections for not paying UEI $7,500. I called the school and explained that they themselves told me I would no longer be making in school payments but of course they are no help at all.
    UEI is not a college! They are all con artists and that sad excuse for a school needs to be shut down!

  37. I attended uei in 2011 Riverside one I did billing coding program till this day not working in field admission rep promise me soany things ended being lies we went through so many teachers I don’t feel like a learn from that school they made do externship in field unrelated to what study and till this day they can’t send me certificate of completion this school unprofessional

  38. Terina

    I went to UEI in san bernardino, can in 2010-2011 .. The school was shut down later after I was enrolled.. I never got my certificate I went through the criminal justice program.we were told that we would also get our guard cards free of charge because it came with the fees.. Job placements.. And I never received anything!! I was suppose to finish in may of 2011.. I ended up having my baby in April 2011 and I was approved leave of absence and was told I was graduating in may 2011.. When I returned to the school. They told me I was not eligible to get my certificate from them and that I also had to pay back monthly tuition fees.and that I had to wait to until the June to complete and get my certification and had to have all tuition fees paid before hand.. I went to uei with out having to pay tuition fees for 8 months until I came back from leave of absence in which I was only gone for 2weeks.. And in which I was told that I was getting my certification in may.. I am now stuck with current student loans that from UEI and its now 2018.. It is not fair at all what that institute claimed they where and what they have done to many people… How do we.. How do I get this cleared??

  39. Laura Cancino

    Hi my name is Laura I went to uei graduated in 2016 as a medical assistant they had sent me to do my externahip at this clinic that they had said they were hiring . Now I had completed my extern when the doctor told me that they weren’t going to hire me and the reasons why were so stupid . Not to mentioned they had me shredding paper boxes after boxes I did a lot of work to not get hired ? Now they have to fill out this form it like a report card in that paper they. Put nothing but A s they said they couldn’t hire me because I had no transportation when I was always 15 mins early they would come late . Anyways so I told the school and from there they kept sending me to these interviews and I looked stupid because most of them they kept telling me I have no experience what am I doing there . So I went to the school they had sent me to another one now this one the doctor was being a perv he was going to pay me by salary 800 even if I passed 8 hours I really didn’t feel right in that interview I had told the lady that was sup helping me out what had happend in that interview “she said so it’s a job “! I’m never going to forget now I’m working at a place that has nothing to do with what I went for they won’t give me my certificate till I pay it all off and also I was paying the school since day one I get a call from federal student loan saying I owe 10,000 that I never payed now idk where my money has been going to who I’ve been paying .. and the guy that I was paying to was coming off rude ..

  40. Francine Moreno

    It is 2019 and UEI has sent my account to collections from when I briefly attended in 2010. I attended a Medical Assistance class in which I had a total of three different teachers each who taught and graded differently. I addressed the principal at the time as I felt I was not learning anything correctly, also the class had over 45 students. I told him this was not what I was promised and I wanted out of my contract, I did not want to continue or pay for the education I did not receive but was promised. He was reluctant until I told him I would address the media on what was really going on at the school. He had me sign a contract stating I was no longer financially responsible for the inadequate education I received and then had me sign another form stating I would not come on to the campus again. I gladly did so seeing as the school was not interested in helping me. Now here I am nearly 10 years later and they are still are trying to stick me with the bill. Does anyone know what I can do. I am disputing it with the credit bureau, but I don’t trust UEI obviously they did not hold up there end of our agreement.

  41. Samantha Waters

    Hi my name is Samantha, I graduated from UEI in 2014 Of August. I was told that I would be receiving all of my documents so I could be placed in to my work field (dental assistant)
    I did not get thise documents nor my certificates and was placed into collections for $6400 from UEI!
    They really didn’t care about me being placed into a career. They never called me to see what happened and what we can do to further the process in hiring for any dental offices so now I am stuck with this loan on my credit and nothing to show for all the hard work that I put into my schooling. I am willing to sue. Whatever needs to happen for us (students of UEI) to get back on track.

  42. Angela Gaxiola

    I went to UEI they were sued for misleading I received a small settlement

    • Mayra Hernandez

      Hi angela, I also went to UEI and they also misled me and promised lots of things that never happened, and now I’m stuck with this loan.

    • Carla

      How do we get a class action going for the individuals they intentionally missed?

  43. Catherine R.

    Went to UEI 2008-2009 MA. This school and everything about it is a complete joke. They do not help you find a job. They place you where ever they can just to get rid of you. They never sent my me certificate or anything else for that matter when they say they’ll keep in touch and follow up on your job placement. 10 years and a whole lotta student loans later here I am not a medical assistant.

    • Catherine R.

      And by place you where ever they can I mean for externship.

  44. Dianne Montoya

    I attended uei in el monte CA. My teacher was mrs. Aguirre back 2009 March-Nov. Finished my internship which i found myself and they gave me a few certifiactes og completion but i never recieved an acutal diploma since i didnt attend the ceremony. They placed me in one job in 2010 which lasted two months and after being let go i desperately went back to school for thier aid to find me another job placement and they said ” its not our problem to help you find a job you need to sell yourself and leave your resume to different sites each day to be considered for emlpoyment. After the first three years later of doing so i never got hired anywhere. All they said was we want someone with 1 or more yrs of job experience . Now 10 yrs later and almost 15 grand in Debt two kids under 6yrs old and a full time at home mother . …. This was the biggest mistake i’ve ever made in my Life!!!!!! Horrible school. Dont Recommended it. All struggling students should get loan forgiveness.

  45. Brandon Jackson

    I too attended UEI San Diego for a Computer Technician Cert. After completing the worthless program and interning (working for free) for a month, they never gave me my diploma or even had a graduation ceremony. There was no help with job placement and then they shut down. I am still paying off the $14,000 loan with another loan I took out against my 401k. I am seeking council to form a class-action lawsuit against them and try to recoup some of that money they stole from me. I know I am not the only one that feels like this. Please Help!

  46. C Red

    I attended UEI this past 2019. They are misleading and are falsely making statements about their curriculum and what they will do for you. They told me they have an 85% placement and if someone does not get hired at extern it is because of who the student is. Well that turned out to be a lie. They placed us business students at seasonal tax firms who only wanted seasonal help and we were told by the bosses of these places that they were not hiring and did not intend to. They told us UEI knew this. Then everytime I tried to talk to the supposed job coordinator he would say oh don’t worry, but never answering my concerns completely. They are like car sales men. They keep students on the roaster to keep them owing money.
    They lie and lie, the only reason I went there was because the job I worked at of 14 years was going out of business and they promised me they would help me get a new career. They have done nothing but put me in debt for 11,000.00. I can’t even pay that because I am jobless. They even put me in the hands of a staffing agency that I could have gone to for free. They said that the staffing agency is going to help me and now that this coronavirus has happened the staffing agency is closed. I am stuck with lies and frustration. Someone needs to do something about this school who says they are a vocational school and lie about their success rate. It is fraudulent and should be able to be sued. I would love to take them to court before they waste and ruin someone elses lives. I have never lost a job before and did very well at my extern site. My supervisors there said they would even be reference for me, so it is not the students it is the school itself that is the problem.

    • Charles

      I went in 2019 for the HVACR program. Add that to a long list of mistakes I’ve made in my life. They made all types of promises and yes I was sent to regular staffing agencies for wharehouse jobs and thats the reason I went there in the first place. So I wouldn’t have to unload trailers and beg to drive forklifts anymore. I owe this loan and I just got myself a job delivering pizza and I can’t afford to make the payments on the loan anymore. They never helped me with job placement and the one person there that claimed to try, the only places he directed me to where places that required work experience. I would not have went there if they didn’t make claims of placement and job assistance. Majority of the program we didn’t even have a permanent teacher. We had 7 or more instructors in a 9 month period. They can’t even keep employees. I would go there to complain but the same people probably won’t be there.

  47. Bryan Meneses

    Im currently enrolled , but to be honest i want to drop out! Question is Can i drop out ?? And if so what’s the negative side to that?

    • Tiff

      Dropout asap. They will have to return any loans, grants and payments you made. you may owe something, but make sure you want all money returned and refunded to you. Get everything in writing to show a zero balance. When did you start?

  48. Tiff

    My friend attended UEI in March of 2016 and dropped the program in June 2016. She was told to finish the week and that she would receive a letter about her loans, grants and payments back to her lender. She instead received an email that she was terminated due to attendance and was never refunded or sent a final bill, statement. Instead she received threatening emails about her loans defaulting a year later. Her credit has been negatively impacted for $500 in defaulted loans. The school kept her financial aid over $2000 and UEI has a collection account that is under their own collection company called International Education Corporation for $2000, they were the original creditor and have placed it for collection with access capital. I am trying to help her fight this, as she would like to go to a community college now. I feel she was taken advantage of and misled by UEI and they are defrauding the students and these financial aid programs as well. Any advice?

    • J.Whitw

      Same thing happened to me at a California UEI school where I signed up to attend and become accredited in criminal justice. Which they provide no program certification for that field of study and when you graduate they push you to work crappy security guard job and encourage you to go to the next school for 5 more years to complete the CJ program then they have the nerve to report thAt I owe them $5000 and I still don’t understand how!

  49. Isis

    I just stared a few days ago it hadn’t been a week yet and I see so many bad comments and it’s so much money could I dropout ?? I need help

  50. Lani

    Honestly UEI is a garbage school. They promise you the ends of the earth, and then fail to deliver. I will say that I did gain an education. To be honest though, I was extremely determined. However , I definitely had more problems than solutions. First off , you will only gain an education, if you actually do the work and are proactive. So long as you avoid participating in cheating and copying others, it’s possible to learn a thing or two. A lot of people get away with cheating because the school dismisses a lot of things that they shouldn’t . Aside from people profiting off your hard work, there was some questionable instances that occured while I went there. One of my instructors used to push his vegetarian beliefs on us , by making us watch videos of cows and other animals being slaughtered. By the way his previous job was as a butcher. I still don’t know how that correlated with what my course was , and it was oh so lovely, that he would do this just before sending us to lunch . My car was involved in a hit and run , by one of the students from a different course, while I was parked at the school. I got out of class . Walked over to my car to find it completely dismemebered. They had security but somehow missed my entire car, getting completely totaled by a hit and run by one of their other students from another course? The school and it’s advisors, will tell you, that your advisors will guide you throughout your entire time there, and they’ll seem so closely knit , but they won’t see you past the day you sign those papers. They say they offer job placement, but it’s not really the case. At least not with me, or any of the classmates I had and kept in contact with. I scheduled a date to meet with them for their help with this , but they didn’t show up when it came time to meet up with me. Instead, they missed the appointment, wasted my time , then avoided all my calls by never returning a single voicemail. They didn’t help me once so ever like they had promised they would, but when they were being sued ? You guessed it ! Yep ! They were calling me asking me for my help. They asked if I ended up getting a job, and if so , was I still there ? I told them yes , you mean the one you guys didn’t help me get, like you promised? They then had the audacity to ask, if I’d be willing to say that they placed me with that job ? So you mean you want me to lie about the same job , that in no way shape or form , did you help me acquire? Nope. I will not lie for you. They also had a group final that said it would dictate our entire grade, ”so it’s best to work together, to get it done.” That our grade and us passing our course , relied on us passing . Of course when the slackers in the class,don’t want to contribute or participate in any way once so ever , they are able to just show up and yes still pass their course. They were told exactly what happened and it was clear this classmate contributed nothing to the projects success . Yet , he passed them! They graduated a lot of people who they know without a doubt , will never get jobs in that chosen field. They take advantage of innocent people that are simply given false hope. People are paying a lot of money in hopes that they will actually get a job when they complete their course. I believe they practice poor values and ethics, which is why their massage therapy program got pulled . I have nothing against my main instructor, I actually did learn a thing or two from her. However , halfway through they replaced her with the other instructor. The school overall, is just trash, in my opinion . Complete waste of money. I could’ve spent thousands less elsewhere. I did graduate and I did bust my butt to get the grades I got. It just wasn’t a place had I known they would lie so much , would I have ever attended and wasted money on.

  51. Callie Eason

    Hi my name is Callie Eason I went to UEI in 2011 and I was enrolled in the Medical Assistant program at the Morrow, Georgia campus.
    I was misled on the completion process and certifications needed for getting an actual job in the medical field. I was told Medical Assistants would make x amount of dollars after completing the medical assistant program at UEI.
    But when graduating did not have the correct certifications from UEI to get an actual job with the quoted salaries. I was told the placement amounts that the school generated were high when they were really not. At time of enrollment I was also told that we would be able to transfer credits for extended nursing school found out that was not true.
    I was left on my on to find my extern upon completion of school. Wasn’t until I had a meeting with the director about not being placed As Told in a job that they actually try to help.
    I was told when enrolling for classes that I would be a Certified Medical Assistant when finishing school but when taking final exam told that we had to go ourselves to get our certification and had to pay out-of-pocket for it.
    After working for less money than I was quoted for many years I still have loans that cannot be paid please reach out and help.
    I was told since the school closed I had a chance for forgiveness???

  52. Silvia

    Hi, I attended UEI back in 2007 and did receive a certificate but when I registered at a community college they told me I couldn’t transfer my credits which was very disappointing for me since I was single mom back then and all I wanted was to get a career to be able to get a good and stable job to provide for my son. Until this day I owe 17k in loans I will never be able to pay because they’ve been charging so much interest and I can’t afford to pay them. Beside why should we pay if they are a total scam! I was only 18 back them and got mislead by all their promises. Is there anything we can do?

  53. elizabeth c del real

    My story is long, but only because of my feelings of the horrendous professionalism that this institution conducts. I “graduated” from UEI “college”- Bakersfield, Ca campus in 2017. I was very new to Bakersfield, after leaving the Bay area and being a 19 y.o. without any dent in my educational career, I was desperate to begin working. I remember roaming on facebook and saw an ad to become a pharmacy tech. I inserted my info in the Ad and immediately i was receiving calls to come in to talk to representative. I am 19, very naive, I asked my mom to drive me down. I walked in and my mom waited in the car. After a quick tour and entering back into her office i was for a good 20 minutes by the representative to join what she said “was like a family”. I continued to make excuses and told her i would strongly consider it, but would need time to conclude a long term financial agreement. She encouraged me to “change my life”, do better for me. I let her know my mom was waiting in the car, she nearly walked out the building with me! I decided to call my mom to come inside the building because i was strongly uncomfortable with walking out to my moms car with some random person. If you think Car salesmen were the scum of the earth, I’ve got news! She pressured my mom into co-signing my nearly 20,000 tuition for medical billing and insurance coding course. After signing the FAFSA i would eventually have to pay back I decided to give it my all. This course was the saddest excuse for “hands on learning”. Our instructor was completely unqualified. The only qualifications she had was “managing a dental practice, i wanna see one of you do that” . EVERY NIGHT my class was greeted with some smart remark (if she was in a good mood) or complete attitude if her home life gave her problems. EVERY DAY (never failed) she would speak about her ex husband and how much “people Change”. About 3 months into the course, the students who were truly interested in learning became extremely frustrated. Once, we were reading about deductibles, after she interrupted lesson to speak about her ex husband, a colleague asked her if she could elaborate on deductibles and the class was responded with ” you know what you have the book, you guys can read it yourselves. I am not gonna teach you. Figure it out”. At this moment, I knew I had completely EFFED up signing a 20,000 debt for only books worth no more than 1/5 of the price. Halfway through the course, the teacher decided she couldn’t “handle our class” of mostly single or struggling females and mothers who were just interested in our “hands on training for a better life”. Our instructors were switched, I very well appreciated Ms. F, who took her career seriously and was truly invested in the course. However, never once did anybody at this school advise me on how or where to obtain a certification for medical coding or billing. It was all “get your foot in the door and you can move your way up”. Never took any practice exams or were even told of different certifications and organizations to pursue. Finally i went attended a total of 3 different externship sites in 1 month; all of which were highly unprofessional and have you doing simple cleanup-around the office tasks. I attended a site were i sat in a room most of the day with Ultrasound technicians, who would occasionally have me sit in during some of the most uncomftorble procedures on patients. I asked what was my learning outcome and how it was related to my course or diploma; I understand now, i may have stepped a small boundary and should have been a bit more humble but my frustration must have ruled me. Immediately UEI principle asked me to meet with him. It was the most unprofessional and demeaning meeting i have ever been in. I was ready to give up the 20,000 debt and give this impatient coward my last word, but decided to bite my tongue. After yelling at me, that i was responsible to break any connections with this site, and that if they had asked me to clean shit off the toilet that i would do it because its not any better than what i do at Mcdonalds, he was gonna give me one more chance at another site. I attended that site and was clear they would not hire me, after a week i was asked to appear at a different site, one in which my colleague abandoned because the practice manager’s boyfriend had been making sexual remarks about her. I decided to ignore the fact, attended, was told i was likely to get hired, then on the final approach this man and i had encountered, i asked him to leave me be. I was looking for a job, and didn’t appreciate vulgar language being used in what was supposed to be a professional setting. I was then told i was not going to be hired. When i explained to my career coordinator she had told me to just ignore it and keep trying for a job search. Highly upset, i went back to my minimum wage job for a YEAR before i received a call from UEI college to spontaneously attend an interview. I appreciated the fact they still contacted me after a whole year and was hired that same day. I am still not certified, as i truly DID NOT learn single thing about my diploma; and yet, i received an honor roll award. I am now attending an actual college, that doesn’t have me pay FAFSA Back. I feel completely betrayed and taken advantage of by this “institution”. Although I am thankful for that 1 person who may have helped me obtain a job; the “School” as a whole is a joke. I don’t feel it is justified for me to continue to make payments on a course that was completely worthless.

  54. Carla

    I started in 2007 and again in 2010 Chula vista location for Dental. I was charged twice and I was mislead at enrollment aswell as been denied my certifications and diploma that would allow me to get a job. They also guaranteed job placement but that isnt the case.

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